Kyrie Irving Had to Buy His Own Ticket to See the Nets Play at Home on Sunday

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers / Elsa/GettyImages

Kyrie Irving, who is unvaccinated against a highly transmissible deadly virus in the middle of a global pandemic, is still unable to play home games for the Brooklyn Nets because of New York City's private sector vaccine mandate. With the Nets hosting the New York Knicks Sunday afternoon, Irving had to buy his own ticket to sit courtside to watch his teammates fight for position in the play-in tournament.

With COVID numbers in a relatively good place right now, New York City has eased many of their restrictions. It doesn't make much sense that the one keeping Irving out of the lineup inside the Barclays Center is still in place and it very well could be gone by the time the NBA playoffs begin.

Or Kyrie Irving could walk across Atlantic Avenue to the Atlantic Terminal Mall, consult a map of the mall and then proceed to the CVS phramacy where he could get the COVID vaccine. It would be a trip so short that by walking it you would barely even feel the curvature of the Earth.