Kyrie Irving Booed During NBA All-Star Game Introductions

Liam McKeone
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Kyrie Irving was voted an NBA All-Star starter this year and it's all a bit weird because Irving was suspended for that whole antisemitic movie thing then got traded to the Western Conference. Still, he's in Salt Lake City this weekend and participating in the All-Star Game.

The fans in attendance are apparently not big fans. During the introductions for the starters, Irving received a fairly loud set of boos. He was the only player booed during intros.

It certainly is not the loudest set of boos you'll ever hear and especially for Irving given how many fanbases he's pissed off at this point. But boos? At an All-Star game? That is usually reserved for a hated rival of the host city and even then it's mostly in jest. Nobody takes anything seriously during ASG weekend, not even holidays.

But those boos had some heat behind them. The last three months of Irving's career have done him no favors in the eyes of the public.