Count Austin Rivers Among Those Who Disagree With Kyrie Irving

Liam McKeone
Austin Rivers
Austin Rivers / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving has the NBA community abuzz after word leaked yesterday that he was leading a contingent of players who believe it wouldn't be right to dive back into the NBA season in a time of civil unrest. The Brooklyn Nets star and NBAPA Vice President held a Zoom call with about 80 other players last night to discuss what position they wanted to take.

It is safe to say that Irving and those players are not universally supported in that view. Sam Amick reported last night that LeBron James believes playing in Orlando and continuing to fight for social justice are not mutually exclusive endeavors. This morning, Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers posted an Instagram comment explaining why he doesn't agree with Irving.

Both sides of this situation have strong arguments that their supporters clearly believe in. A unified front on the matter doesn't seem very close, but there's over a month until the season is set to resume. A lot can be parsed out in that timeframe.

Irving has started the discussion he wanted to by hosting the meeting. We'll see how the discourse unfolds among the players who make the league what it is.