Kyrie Irving Posts Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory on Instagram

Ryan Phillips
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We've all known Kyrie Irving held some pretty wild beliefs for a while, but now he has taken things up a notch,. While he's dabbled in the conspiracy theory world before, on Thursday he jacked up the stakes by sharing footage of Alex Jones espousing his old spiel about the new world order, one-world government, etc. on his Instagram story. That's quite an escalation.

Yes, that's Alex Jones back in 2002 when he was just your average whack job with a local cable access show. Now he's the guy who owes nearly $50 million to families of Sandy Hook victims after losing a defamation lawsuit for calling the shooting a hoax. Oh, and another one started this week.

Jones is a powerful voice in the conspiracy theory space but he's also, you know, nuts. The fact that Irving is sharing Jones' content unironically is certainly an interesting development. The NBA superstar has his own issues to deal with and is entering a make-or-break year with the Brooklyn Nets. I doubt the league or the Nets would be thrilled with this content.