Devin Booker Obliterates Kylie Jenner in Pop-A-Shot

Devin Booker and Kylie Jenenr
Devin Booker and Kylie Jenenr /

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner are dating. Last night, Booker headed over to the Jenner complex and played Pop a Shot against Kendall's sister, Kylie. Booker did not take it easy on his girlfriend's sibling, and as one might expect from one of the NBA's young stars in his prime, put up huge numbers.

At last glance, Booker was beating this Jenner sister by 26 before setting a new record with 117. Which is pretty impressive, although some local arcades probably have higher scores since some people do nothing except play Pop-A-Shot all day. Or did, anyway, before going to the arcade became a high-risk activity.

This is a strong contrast, to say the least, to the time Klay Thompson got destroyed by a little girl during a Pop-A-Shot contest in China. Look at her. She's a damn machine. Booker should be taking notes, honestly.

At first, you might think Thompson was taking it easy because he was facing a kid and it was during a Warriors trip to China (pre-Daryl Morey Tweet), so it doubled as a PR appearance. But no! He's actually giving it some effort here and his opponent showed absolutely no mercy.

Pros vs. Joes but make it Pop-A-Shot has a lot of viral potential. A free idea for whoever might stumble across this.