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Kyler Murray's Ridiculously Premature Touchdown Celebration Was Actually Right On Time

Stephen Douglas
Kyler Murray celebrating.
Kyler Murray celebrating. /

Kyler Murray had a tremendous first half as the Arizona Cardinals took a 24-6 lead over the Tennessee Titans in Week 1. Murray threw for 201 yards and two touchdown passes and added a rushing touchdown late in the second quarter. That rushing touchdown was truly remarkable. Just look.

So he takes the snap, fakes the handoff and takes off on a bootleg. Sounds normal enough until you look and see Murray start celebrating way back at the 8 or 9 yard line. At least one defensive back presumably has a possible angle, but Murray knows there's not a man on the field who can catch him.

He pulls the ball down as he nears the end zone, but not because he celebrated prematurely. Possibly because he didn't want to get penalized for taunting. Just incredible athleticism and speed. He ran backwards six yards and then celebrated. Insane.