Kyler Murray Should Just Pack His Bags and Leave Arizona?

Kyle Koster
Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Kyler Murray finds himself smack dab in the middle of some drama with the Arizona Cardinals. The young quarterback must mend fences and make forward progress as a player under a more intense media spotlight now that frustrations have become public. That's one option. Or, he could just pack his bags and leave — as Kevin Wildes suggested this morning on First Things First.

If that sounds extreme, it's supposed to. But if it works for Wildes while watching Netflix, why wouldn't it work for a professional football player under contract with a football team?

"It worked for Tom Brady. It worked for Gronkowski. It worked for Odell. It worked for Matthew Stafford. Why wouldn't it work for Kyler?" Wildes explains that some teams are a quarterback away, like the Denver Broncos and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And that Murray transferred out of Texas A&M to find great success at Oklahoma.

This all sounds so easy. A clear, cohesive plan Murray would be a fool to not enact by lunch time. Only a matter of hours until he leaves the desert with a weekender bag and a dream, off to knock on other franchises' doors to see if he can play some ball for them.