Kyler Murray's 'Schematically We Were Kind of F'd' Quote is An Instant Classic

Stephen Douglas
Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Chargers beat the Arizona Cardinals, 25-24, in Week 12. The Cardinals went 3-and-out on three consecutive posessions in the fourth quarter, but it was Kyler Murray's response to a question about something that happened in the first half that is going to live on forever online. Murray went deep to DeAndre Hopkins on 4th and one during the second quarter and the ball was intercepted. Asked about it after the game he said, "Schematically, I mean, they kinda... we were kinda f-cked."

As you can see from this tweet, the quote has already been cropped for optimum effectiveness. What is not optimumly effective right now appears to be the Cardinals who are now 4-8 and have dropped four of their last five games.

Quotes like this scream problem with the coaching staff which, well, you remember the time Kyler screamed at Kliff Kingsbury, right? It is no surprise that people aren't having a good time in Arizona right now.