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Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury Have Heated Sideline Exchange

Kyle Koster

It has not been smooth sailing for the Arizona Cardinals this year as the Kliff Kingsbury-Kyler Murray dynamic seems to be a bit off from the outside. The underachieving team was given a Thursday Night Football showcase against the New Orleans Saints, which means more people were able to see Murray shout at his embattled coach before a pivotal 4th-and-1 play four yards from paydirt. Arizona would eventually convert and score a touchdown to knot things up at 14-14 and things could have been worse if DeAndre Hopkins hadn't stepped in to cool tempers, but it's still not the type of exchange you see between on-field CEO and sideline CEO.

Bad lip-reading should be taken with a grain of salt yet it sure seems like Murray was imploring Kingsbury to "calm the f--- down," which anyone in a relationship knows is the surest way to ensure the other person does not, in fact, calm down.

Results dictate everything so if the Cardinals walk away with the win, this little spat can be brushed aside with a gesture toward the scoreboard. If they lose, however, it's going to linger and fester because we are all messy and love the drama.

It should be noted the Arizona defense has had two pick-sixes since this incident, which would ease the tension on any sideline.