Texas Native Kyler Murray Is Not a Fan of the Cowboys

Kyler Murray doesn't like the Cowboys.
Kyler Murray doesn't like the Cowboys. / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kyler Murray built his legend on the outskirts of Dallas, winning three state championships at Allen High School and finishing with a perfect 42-0 record as a starter.

Meanwhile, according to Murray, the Cowboys were busy sucking it up while he was coming of age in the Lone Star State, which isn't exactly true, but still shaped Murray's view of America's Team but not his.

During a recent interview, Murray was asked if he was a Cowboys fan growing up, to which he responded, "f*** no."


"They were always ass."

Outstanding stuff.

While I'm unsure of the context of the full conversation, Murray's feelings on the matter seem fairly clear. He's not a fan of the Cowboys, never was and it's because they don't win.

In fairness to the Cowboys, when Murray was a senior in high school in 2014, they won the division and went 12-4. They also went to the playoffs in three out of four years from 2006-2009 when Murray was growing up and likely forming an opinion on his favorite NFL team. Then again, they didn't advance past the divisional round so perhaps Murray was looking for something more.

Anyway, just thought it was an interesting clip considering Murray was born and raised around Dallas but never liked the team most of his friends likely obsessed over.