Kyler Murray Had a Big Smile As He Uncorked a Long Touchdown Pass to DeAndre Hopkins

Stephen Douglas
Kyler Murray, just having fun out there.
Kyler Murray, just having fun out there. /

Kyler Murray hit DeAndre Hopkins on a long touchdown pass during the first quarter of Sunday night's Seattle Seahawks - Arizona Cardinals game. It goes in the book as a 35-yard touchdown pass and math and science tell us that it was a pretty difficult throw and catch. However the eye - or smile - test, tells us another story.

A replay from another angle showed Murray smiling as he wound up to throw deep to Hopkins. You might say, he's just having fun out there. You would be too if you were the quarterback whose team traded for DeAndre Hopkins.

What a fun moment for the 4-2 Cardinals in a primetime matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. This is the kind of thing the franchise could get used to.