Everyone Involved in This Extremely Stupid Baseball Play Is a Hero

Bob Levey/GettyImages

When you think baseball, you think one thing and it's a proprietary push-button, player-wearable transmitters. From Abner Doubleday to the far-flung sandlots, millions have fallen in love with the game by inserting something that beeps into their hat instead of communicating with the fingers bestowed to them at birth.

In all seriousness, innovation is necessary and my gripes about the wheels of progress moving forward aren't backed by a simmering animosity. But change cannot be constrained and the existence of the PitchCom system creates opportunity for baserunners if all the pitcher's focus goes to fiddling with his new equipment. So even though the Houston Astros' Kyle Tucker was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt to steal home as New York Yankees hurler Luis Severino played with his hat, he is no less heroic. Because it was an awesome, never-before-seen baseball moment only possible in 2022.

Now, I am not sure what's Bush League about trying to capitalize on a pitcher who didn't call timeout and is distracted. But that's why I don't make the big bucks. Severino deserves all the credit in the world for somehow snapping out of it and getting the ball to home plate in time to record the out because no pitcher has ever practiced going from PitchCom to firing a ball. Perhaps that will change after this.

In summation, a very dumb play all-around that makes me like everyone involved that much more. Very rare.