Kyle Stephens Gives Harrowing, Heartbreaking Statement At Larry Nassar Sentencing

Ryan Phillips

Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing began Tuesday and it was truly heartbreaking. With the disgraced former Team USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor sitting in the courtroom, countless women came forward and told their stories of being sexually abused by him.

The first woman to give a statement and confront Nassar was Kyle Stephens, the only non-medical victim to come forward. Nassar was friends with Stephens’ parents and began molesting her when she was just six years old. Her statement was at once incredibly brave, powerful, harrowing and heartbreaking.

The video of the key segment of her statement is posted below, but be warned, it contains graphic content:

That was so sad and yet so powerful at the same time. Stephens summed it up perfectly when she said, “Little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world.”

The damage done by Nassar will never fully be known and is likely incalculable. He is truly the worst of humanity and has ruined an untold number of lives permanently. Those who defended and enabled him for years must be held accountable for doing so. The fallout from this must extend beyond the abuser and get to the root of how his abuse was allowed to continue unabated for so long.

Nassar’s sentencing hearing will continue throughout the week as nearly 100 victims will give their statements.