Kyle Shanahan Shows Off Arm With Cross-Street Toss

Kyle Shanahan and Joe Staley
Kyle Shanahan and Joe Staley /

Kyle Shanahan was hanging out with former San Francisco 49ers great Joe Staley for the Fourth of July yesterday. He decided to show off his arm by tossing a football from one deck to another across a street.

Staley claims he threw it into a pizza oven. Given the lack of a good camera angle, it's unclear if it's just a metaphor like dropping it in the bucket or other ways to describe a picture-perfect throw. But from everyone's reaction it seems like he actually did get it into a small space, perhaps even a pizza oven.

The elation after the fact may be attributed to the fact that Staley was wrong and Shanahan did not, in fact, hit a kid in the process of throwing the ball.

Despite his acumen as a playcaller and QB whisperer, Shanahan was actually a receiver at the University of Texas before entering the coaching ranks. Clearly there was some untapped potential there. Jimmy Garoppolo should be looking over his shoulder!