Kyle Schwarber Freaked Out on Angel Hernandez After a Called Third Strike and Got Tossed


Angel Hernandez went full Angel Hernandez on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball as he was the featured home plate umpire for the Milwaukee Brewers' 1-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. Hernandez had a strike zone the size of the Liberty Bell and no one was happy about it. Things finally boiled over in the bottom of the 9th when he rang up Kyle Schwarber on a pitch low and outside. Schwarber exploded.

That was both one of the more exaggerated freakouts a batter has ever had on an umpire and Schwarber was also very in control at the same time. He slammed his bat and helmet on the ground and had some incredibly exaggerated hand gestures, but never came close to escallating things beyond screaming and waving his arms. Still, he earned the auto-ejection from Hernandez.

If you look at the pitch track, the ball was definitely outside the zone, but not that egregious. Schwarber was simply speaking on behalf of everyone who got a bad shake on Sunday night.

You have to wonder if MLB and ESPN will have a discussion about Hernandez showing up behind the plate on future telecasts.