Kyle Kuzma's Phantom Earthquake Excuse for Free-Throw Airball Belongs in the Hall of Fame

Kyle Kuzma during a recent Lakers game.
Kyle Kuzma during a recent Lakers game. / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma had 17 points, five rebounds, four assists and two steals in a Los Angeles Lakers blowout win over the Golden Sate Warriors on Monday night. While he played pretty well, he also airballed a technical free throw, which delighted both teams.

He was asked about it after the game and had an explanation. You can see him respond around the 90-second mark in this video.

An earthquake in San Francisco. The United States Geological Survey website does not show a quake anywhere near the Bay Area around the time of the Lakers-Warriors game and Kuzma was clearly joking in the aftermath of an easy win, but it's so fitting that he had an outlandish excuse ready to go.

Somehow, this is not the most outrageous excuse we've seen in the last week. We live in an incredible world right now, where there is an excuse for everything, even if most people say they aren't making an excuse. Please only let the Kyle Kuzmas of this world slide. No matter how many times he cries fake earthquake.