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Kyle Kuzma Appears to Flip Off Fan After Hitting Three-Pointer Against Pistons

Liam McKeone
Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma /

The Washington Wizards took down the Pistons in Detroit last night. It was an exciting overtime affair that ended 119-116, with Washington taking a late lead courtesy of a Kyle Kuzma corner three. Kuzma waved good-bye to all the Pistons fans in attendance afterwards, clearly enjoying the moment and the role of spoiler.

It turns out it was not the only gesture Kuzma made to fans that day. In the fourth quarter, Kuzma hit a three from that same corner to build on the Wizards' lead. After he made it, he turned around and appeared to flip the bird at a Detroit fan sitting courtside.

Nobody asked Kuzma specifically about that, but Kuzma did say he enjoyed the trash-talking coming from the Detroit faithful afterwards.

The NBA will probably slap Kuzma with a fine for this, but worse things have happened on the court. All in good fun.