Kyle Korver Agrees to One-Year Deal With Milwaukee Bucks


Everyone knew Kyle Korver would be bought out after getting sent to Memphis as part of the Mike Conleytrade before heading to Phoenix, and would have his pick of the litter when it came to teams. Many believed Korver would end up in Los Angeles with the Lakers as a part of the usual group of veteran players who follow LeBron James.

It ended up being not the case. After rumors connected Korver to his old home in Philadelphia, he decided to reunite with his old coach in Milwaukee. Adrian Wojanrowski reports Korver has agreed to a one-year deal with the Bucks.

This is a big get for the Bucks, who have no cap space after signing Khris Middleton to a max deal and bringing back Brook Lopez while signing his brother, Robin. The Bucks’ offensive system is designed around having four shooters on the floor with superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo at all times.

While Korver doesn’t offer anything on the defensive side of the ball, he can definitely still shoot. This signing also likely means JR Smith still needs to find a new team after visiting with Milwaukee last week.