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Kyle Brandt Doesn't Want Your Life

Kyle Koster

The Good Morning Football crew went all out for its last show before Halloween. Characters from pop culture past and present were represented. Kay Adams was Ted Lasso, Josh Cribbs was Jon Snow, and Peter Schrager was Bum Phillips which meant he wore a big belt buckle and will now spend the next few days wondering to himself if it's a look he can pull off on any given Wednesday. Dress like a cowboy once as a goof and it can become a lifestyle.

Kyle Brandt dipped deep into the bag of Rewatchables and pulled out a convincing Jonathan Moxon getup from Varsity Blues, complete with the requisite dampness. Some of the wettest stuff we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water. The accomplished actor from stage and screen affected a Texas accent and delivered an inspiring monologue inspired by the West Canaan locker room.

It was peak VanderBeek. VanderPeak, if you will.

It's been said before but bears repeating: GMFB understands its strengths as good as any show on television and certainly at the top of the list in terms of creativity. Always worth leaning into.

Unrelated Varsity Blues question to ponder on a Friday: Did Tweeder create the model for undersized "sneaky athletic" wide receivers? Seems like an ideal match for Belichick.