Kyle Brandt Smashes Watermelons While Making Cowboys-Washington Prediction

Brian Giuffra
Kyle Brandt.
Kyle Brandt. / John Parra/Getty Images

Kyle Brandt, wearing a Dak Prescott jersey, channeled his inner Mike McCarthy on Thanksgiving morning, smashing three watermelons with a sledgehammer as he made his prediction for the Cowboys game against Washington today.

In case you get distracted by his wild swings and misses and hilarious reactions to the madness he's creating, Brandt's prediction is Cowboys 30, Washington 0, which seems a bit optimistic for Dallas, especially considering Brandt compared it to a Long Island iced tea recently.

Well that was entertaining.

In case you didn't hear, McCarthy fired up his players ahead of their game against the Vikings last week by smashing watermelons. It worked as the Cowboys upset the Vikings 31-28 in Minnesota. Shannon Sharpe felt the move was racist, but seems to be the only one.

As for Brandt, while I don't have an urge to run through a turkey carcass after watching this, I do feel a sudden urge to smash a few watermelons. Looks like fun, even if you miss a few times.