Kyle Brandt's Scouting Report on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree is Evergreen

Stephen Douglas
The Rockefeller Christmas Tree
The Rockefeller Christmas Tree / James Devaney/Getty Images

There should really be an excellence in broadcasting award that deals with puns. If that existed, Good Morning Football's Kyle Brandt would be a finalist for the award in 2020 after this absolute masterpiece breaking down the scouting report of the Rockefeller Christmas tree that forced the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers to play at 3:40 pm on a Wednesday. Just watch. Yule be glad you did.

That was lit. Wood you believe the rest of the GMFB crew had to follow that? This mono-log was tree-mendous. An incredibly thorough sprouting report. There were a lot to choose from, but I wouldn't have trimmed anything.