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Kyle Brandt Gets Mad as Hell During 'Network' Spoof, Fires Up Cleveland Browns

Kyle Koster

Network has proven prescient in so many ways. One thing it failed to predict, however, is that there would be a three-hour, NFL-centric morning show available to viewers 45 years after its release. Paddy Chayefsky and Sidney Lumet simply could not conceive that a guy named Kyle would become Arthur Jensen through the prism of an NFL Wild Card game while people ate their cornflakes.

Life works in mysterious ways.

The Cleveland Browns, who have plenty of reasons to be mad as hell, will perhaps draw inspiration from this performance against a heavily favored and confident Pittsburgh Steelers team on Sunday night. Fans surely will.

A few observations. That's a nifty trench coat. Need to know if that came from wardrobe or if its a personal item procured at some sort of Michael Douglas auction. Secondly, for this particular bit, it's a good thing Good Morning Football is broadcasting in-studio. Brandt doing this in his basement would surely cause his family to scramble down for a wellness check.

And finally, there's plenty of room for more of these in the future. With so many movies to goof on and Brandt's honestly impressive efforts selling it, what's to lose in going back to the well? The dream of living long enough to see Al Pacino's character from Cruising weigh in on a current quarterback controversy deserves to stay alive.