Kyle 'Macho Man' Brandt Cuts a Mean Green Promo for the Jets, Zach Wilson


Okay, we see how it is. When Kyle Brandt puts on a costume to scream about the New York Jets before 7:45 a.m., he's richly rewarded with laughs and viral fame but when we do it our partners strongly suggest we "keep it down" or "else" and inquire "if everything is okay or do we need to talk about something".

Hardly seems fair.

Brandt, who has publicly worked hard to get his body back into nWo Wolfpac-era shape, cut a mean promo on Good Morning Football while draped in a garment that even Tim Gunn would struggle to accurately describe. It looks like a hooded sweatshirt, Starter jacket and Snuggie all got together to have a child.

Perhaps he wants to get in the actual ring. Brandt vs. Pat McAfee in a steel-cage match?

This is surely more entertaining than anything that was happening on another morning show. And the bit doesn't land without total commitment, which is something you see a lot of on GMFB. One note, though: all that yelling seems pretty rough on the throat to then ask Brandt to get through two more hours of talking.

Guess not all heroes wear capes. Actually, is that what that Jets thing is? A modified cape?