Kyle Allen Looks Really Bad Against Lowly Falcons Defense

William Pitts
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The Kyle Allen era in Carolina is not off to a hot start.

Following a loss to Green Bay last week, the Panthers looked to rebound against the lowly Falcons. Allen, now given the keys to Carolina's offense for good after former QB Cam Newton was placed on injured reserve, was productive even in the loss to the Packers, throwing for over 300 yards.

Today against the Falcons, he's been anything but productive.

His statline for the first half: 14 of 25 completed, 139 yards...and three interceptions.

Three. Interceptions.

In the video above, it honestly seems like Allen's forgotten that his team's wearing black and not white.

A performance like this, which has left the Panthers in an early 20-0 hole, may throw water on any plans the Panthers once had to jettison Cam Newton at the end of the season. If this is indicative of a trend, then this team will need all the healthy quarterbacks it can spare.