Zachary Levi Contemplates Dan Marino Wheaties Box in Kurt Warner Biopic 'American Underdog'

Stephen Douglas
Zachary Levi as Kurt Warner
Zachary Levi as Kurt Warner /

The Kurt Warner biopic, "American Underdog," is scheduled for a December release. Today some of the first official images from the film were released showing Zachary Levi as Kurt Warner, Dennis Quaid as Dick Vermeil, and Anna Paquin as Brenda Warner. If this doesn't inspire you to follow your dreams via arena football, then buddy what are you even doing staring longingly at that box of Wheaties?

First, we need to note that Levi (6-foot-4) might be the first actor to be taller than the athlete (Warner is 6-foot-2) he is portraying.

This looks like a major studio version of a Hallmark movie, which I don't want to sound like an insult because I love a good Hallmark movie, but I'm not sure how sports translates in that aesthetic. Here are some more clips from behind the scenes, including some thoughts from the Warners.

If you'd like to dive further into "American Underdog," I must encourage you to check out the IMDB page where you'll learn a stuntman named O.J. Keith Simpson plays Marshall Faulk and there are now people walking around who get to say they played Trent Green and Mike Martz in a major motion picture.