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Kris Bryant Left a Pile of Candy for Kyle Schwarber in Left Field

Kyle Koster
Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs
Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Kyle Schwarber returned to Wrigley Field on Monday night as a member of the visiting Washington Nationals. The North Siders gave him a warm welcome for all he did as a Cub, including returning from a devastating injury as the team's best hitter in the 2016 postseason. It was all a bit emo, like a Further Seems Forever track.

Schwarber was also embraced with open arms and grand gestures by his former teammates. Faced with figuring out what to get the guy who has a $10 million contract, Kris Bryant kept it simple.

Because, well, everyone likes candy.

"I definitely ate a Twix out there on the field," Schwarber said. "It led to a hit."

It's a bit unclear at this early stage if the sugar rush had any impact on Schwarber's production at the dish, from which he launched a two-run dinger. One could understand if Bryant were reluctant to keep littering the field with a trail of Reese's as though he were trying to lure E.T. Perhaps tonight he can take the opportunity to create a Candy Lineup, something George Costanza desperately wanted to pull off but could never execute.

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