Kony Ealy of Missouri is a "Classic con man ... Aldon Smith-type player" Says NFL Scout

By Jason McIntyre

The 2014 NFL Draft is in one day, so it’s time for last minute character assassinations! Via the Journal-Sentinel, which has produced (once again) a terrific series on prospects at every position:

"3. KONY EALY, Missouri (6-4, 265, 4.69, 1-2) — Fourth-year junior with 25 starts in 38 games at DE. … “Whenever something doesn’t work he just shuts her down. He’s just kind of out of control. He gets washed out, then he’ll make a big-time play.” Finished with 93 tackles (27½ for loss) and 14 sacks. Wonderlic of 10. “He thinks he’s already an Aldon Smith-type player,” a third scout said. “Classic con man. I don’t trust this kid. He will be just a big pain in the (expletive). He’s one of those ‘let somebody else draft him’ guys.” … “He’s a mess. Somebody’s going to draft him because they need a defensive end and overdraft him.”"

The last player to warrant the “con man” label was Cam Newton, when Nolan Nawrocki called him a “con artist.” Different position, different level of scrutiny, but he turned out … kind of OK. I had Ealy going 27th to New Orleans in my last mock draft. I won’t have Ealy in my final mock draft, but it isn’t because of this.

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