VIDEO: Illinois' Kofi Cockburn Accidentally Punched an Official in the Head, Sent Him to Emergency Room

Kyle Koster
Michigan v Illinois
Michigan v Illinois / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Fighting Illini came out last night firing on all cylinders and playing with an intense passion. That effort led to a big victory over Michigan in front of the home fans but the energy also led to an unfortunate incident late in the second half. Kofi Cockburn, a true mountain of a man, accidentally socked official Lewis Garrison upside the head while celebrating a bucket.


Garrison was noticeably woozy and had to leave the game. Though he was checked by doctors on-site, he also was sent to the emergency room just in case.

Cockburn, who is 7-feet tall and weighs 290 pounds, was immediately concerned about the official and could be seen shaking his head during the delay and subsequent exit. Here's hoping this emergency room trip was an overkill of caution and Garrison is back on the hardwood sooner rather than later.