Kobe Bryant's Career Shot Chart is Oddly Beautiful

Kyle Koster
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

ESPN's Kirk Goldsberry has created a new form of art with his shot charts, which serve the purpose of showing the evolution of NBA basketball over the years. They tell the story visually, which is often more powerful than learning through prose. That's true, really, for any subject matter.

A reminder of that is how the world is processing its collective Kobe Bryant grief. Words can do a lot. But sometimes it's an image or video clip alone that drives the message home. A picture of Bryant and his daughter smiling together is every bit as powerful as a block of text describing their bond.

All of this to say, there's something about the experience of looking at a map of Bryant's made baskets is impactful. Goldsberry created a chart of the future Hall of Famer's 13,733 buckets that appears both radiant and full of life.

Scoff if you want, and be confident in your superiority. But looking at these rays taps into something, I'm guessing, for a insignificant faction of people.

Thousands and thousands of made shots. Even more misses. And that's not including all tries in practice or on his own. One starts to appreciate the accumulated time and energy, and how all of it was done under intense scrutiny.

Or, if not that, it's interesting to look at.