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Knuckleballer Mickey Jannis Checked For Spin-Altering Substances in MLB Debut

Stephen Douglas
Mickey Jannis
Mickey Jannis / Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Mickey Jannis, a 33-year-old knuckleballer, made his Major League Baseball debut for the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday night. Jannis pitched 3.1 innings, giving up seven runs on eight hits and walking four as the Houston Astros beat the Orioles, 13-0. While it wasn't the result Baltimore was looking for, Jannis did provide some notable moments.

It turns out Jannis was the first person to throw a knuckleball in MLB since 2019. No wonder spinrates are so high.

Here's one of those beautiful slowed-down videos where you can really appreciate the majesty of a knuckleball.

And yes, he was checked by security to make sure he wasn't sneaking any contraband onto the aircraft known as the pitcher's mound.

Baltimore currently has the worst record in baseball, so hopefully the Orioles will keep him around so there's at least something interesting in their organization in 2021. It's probably too late for him to make a run at the Cy Young like Tim Wakefield did back in 1995, but you never know!