Knicks Official PR Account Insists No, They Did Not Offer Richard Jefferson a Contract

Liam McKeone
Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks
Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks / Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Richard Jefferson gave everyone a good laugh on Sunday evening during a Nets broadcast when he said the Knicks were the only team to offer him a contract after his final NBA season, and that was when he knew it was time to retire. There's no way for any of us, the audience, to know if that's true, but it was still a fun soundbite because it's easy to pick on the hapless Knicks right now.

Well, the Knicks did not appreciate Jefferson dunking on them in such a public manner. So much, in fact, that they took to their official Public Relations account to clarify the situation.

I mean, come on! This is nearly as bad as when management offered a public apology to the fans for not landing a marquee free agent this offseason. How thin-skinned does an organization have to be to take to their PR account to refute an off-hand comment from an entertainer like Jefferson?

Just tough to see.