New York Knicks, Orlando Magic Combine to Create an All-Time Bad Minute of Basketball

Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Neither the Orlando Magic or New York Knicks have playoff aspirations this season and arguably would be better off if they decided to lose on purpose. The NBA: we love this game. Contractual obligations required they play 48 minutes of officiated basketball yesterday and those obligations were fulfilled as the Knicks cruised to a 30-point victory. That's not the headline.

The headline is the absolutely remarkable minute of action that occurred early in the third quarter. Without further ado, feast your eyes on what hell Dr. James Naismith hath created.

Remarkable. Just when you think it cannot possibly go on, it continues to go on. The game log reads like some sort of dystopian novel with harrowing calamity at every turn.

It'd be great if an announcer leaned into the moment the next time such a disastrous stretch is occurring and ramp things up to 11 like it's the NBA Finals or Hindenberg disaster. Infamy deserves a suitable soundtrack.