Max Kellerman: Adam Silver Should Look For Reason to Take Knicks Away From Jim Dolan

Ryan Glasspiegel
Max Kellerman on James Dolan
Max Kellerman on James Dolan /

Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith continued to discuss the situation with Spike Lee and James Dolan on today's episode of First Take. For Kellerman, the Dolan-led Knicks reached the point of no return a long time ago, and he has been refusing to go to Madison Square Garden to watch them until Dolan is no longer the owner of the team.

Starting around the 4:45-mark, Kellerman launched into a speech that essentially said the Knicks are bad for the whole NBA being as dismal as they are as a crown jewel franchise in the nation's biggest market, that Dolan is a bad apple, and that NBA commissioner Adam Silver should be looking for reasons to get rid of him:

Kellerman brought up the Donald Sterling situation, and did make sure to emphasize that Dolan is not nearly as bad as Sterling, but said the Knicks are a "laughingstock" and that Dolan is bad for the NBA.