Charles Oakley Likened James Dolan's Knicks to a 'Plantation'

Ryan Glasspiegel
Charles Oakley
Charles Oakley / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The whole Spike Lee / James Dolan / side door kerfuffle has once again reminded the world that Knicks legend Charles Oakley got led out of Madison Square Garden in handcuffs, which means it's time for Oak to make media rounds. Here he is on Golic & Wingo this morning, likening Dolan's Knicks to a "plantation":

Oakley would be absolutely right that Dolan often acts like an unfettered toddler. The word "plantation" has racial implications, and Oakley is thinking about his own experiences and the recent ones with Spike Lee. It should be noted, however, that Dolan has bizarre issues with all types of people.

Just this week it came out that the Knicks didn't invite Marv Albert, the greatest NBA announcer of all-time and longtime former voice of the team, from the franchise's 50-year celebration of the 1970 championship. The only explanation for this is sheer pettiness from Dolan.

And who could forget Dolan's issues with WFAN; after negative comments from Maggie Gray, Dolan shut down all business with the station's parent company Entercom. Even Mike Francesa, who, if he hasn't been a Dolan defender, has at least has omitted justifiable exposure of Dolan's many warts over the years, says he stopped getting credentialed over this incident.

Therefore, I think I'd call it a fiefdom.