Kliff Kingsbury Might Not Look Good Enough in Madden

Bobby Burack

When you get put into a football video game, the first thing you do is check your overall rating. Unless you are a movie-star looking debonair like Kliff Kingsbury, of course. Speaking to reporters, Kingsbury said he wants a looks-change because he isn’t thrilled with his appearance in the upcoming Madden video game.

It does look like Madden missed Kingsbury desirable tan. That video game photo doesn’t show a guy who has been hanging out in the sun like the real photo indicates. They did do a nice job with his hair, I must say. There is not a hair out of place in Madden and I’ve never seen that not be the case in real life.

Nevertheless, you can’t be insensitive when it comes to a man’s looks. If he doesn’t think he looks good enough in Madden, we must hope for a change. After all, when your looks are compared to Ryan Gosling’s, every photo, real or not, counts.