Klay Thompson is a Solid Sideline Reporter

Brian Giuffra

The Warriors season is toast and we're less than 20 games in. They have the worst record in the West and are without Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Not much to play for at this point.

But while he's rehabbing his torn ACL, Thompson is still showcasing his immense skillset, only now he's doing it as a sideline reporter.

He's got a future in media if he wants it.

The key to good sideline reporting is passion. Klay clearly has that, shouting out a couple that got engaged and jumping out of his seat when Warriors rookie Eric Paschall threw down a tremendous two-handed jam. Like a good reporter, he also drummed up some controversy, pointing out the missed foul call on the dunk. The only thing he was missing was an interesting anecdote about what the Warriors locker room is like right now amidst all this losing. Now that would be must-watch television.