Klay Thompson Has Cornered the Sportswriter Shoe Market

Kyle Koster

Klay Thompson is staying with the Golden State Warriors. The sweet-shooting guard will be paid $190 million over the next five years, which can buy a lot of newspapers — something near and dear to Thompson’s heart. There’s nothing he loves more than getting his hands all inky in the pregame. It helps him mentally prepare to drop 46 points on 15-for-22 shooting.

That love has now been leveraged into a custom sneaker because, well, capitalism. And breaking news: this footwear is for an extremely niche market.

Every damn reporter is going to cop these. Both print and online. There has not been overt journalist bait like this since Bruce Springsteen gave away free food and Mariott points in the press box while chiding anyone cheering.

I’m not above wanting them. Would really be a thrill to carve up a defense, forcing them to read subheads and kickers while I’m getting buckets.

Thank you, Klay, for scratching this very specific itch.