Kiss Cams Apparently Still a Thing Nowadays

Liam McKeone
Pandemic Kiss Cam?
Pandemic Kiss Cam? /

Life is very different in the COVID-19 pandemic. We all know this and don't need any reminders. But some of the pillars of American life cannot simply go away because of a global pandemic. Such as the Kiss Cam, apparently.

You read that correctly. During today's Memphis-South Florida football game, the few fans in attendance were still subjected to the Kiss Cam. While wearing masks. And, for some reason, decided to play along. Despite the masks.

I.... really don't know about this one. I understand wanting to keep pushing the illusion of normalcy to make ourselves feel better, I really do, but we couldn't leave the Kiss Cam behind? It's kind of a really weird concept to begin with, much less when the people in question are attempting to kiss each other through masks? There are a million other ways to promote wearing masks that aren't the freaking Kiss Cam.

We certainly live in a society. However, I am inclined to agree with Devin Walker up there. Say no to all Kiss Cams in 2020. Maybe forever. But especially this year.