Kirk Herbstreit: Urban Meyer Won't Coach Again Because 'He's an Ohio State guy to his core'

Kyle Koster

Urban Meyer is retiring. The exact reasons will be debated, even after he speaks at a news conference this afternoon. Considering what happened the last time Meyer stepped away from coaching, there is and will continue to be questions about a return.

Kirk herbstreit, who knows Meyer well and considers him a friend, appears confident that this is it.

“He will not be back in coaching” Herbstreit said on SportsCenter this morning. “If he is, I will be shocked. He’s an Ohio State guy to his core. He’s not a Notre Dame guy the way the national media kind of portray him at times. He’s an Ohio State guy. His legacy to him is everything.”

Time will tell and emphatic stances from those close to Meyer will do little to stop the speculation. But take it for what it’s worth.