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All-Powerful Kirk Herbstreit Delivers Textbook Announcer Jinx

Kyle Koster
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Mac Jones came out of the gate on fire in tonight's national title game against Ohio State, completing 13 of his first 15 passes with clean pockets and stress-free surroundings. Leading 14-7 and with a chance to really put the Buckeyes behind the ol' 8-ball, Alabama took possession for its third drive of the game and Kirk Herbstreit made an important observation.

That Jones hadn't seen much in terms of pressure all night. And folks, you know what happened next. Baron Browning came barreling right up the middle for a sack, forced fumble and recovery.

There are announcer jinxes and then there are announcer jinxes that get blogged about. This belongs in the latter camp.

Jinxes are either real or simply a high-value word in Scrabble depending on your perspective. Of course, an actual announcer who had the ability to jinx on command would be a powerful force, though would also likely trigger some sort of ruling from a governing body before being allowed that type of opportunity.