Kirk Herbstreit Just Talked Some Ball on MLB Network

Kyle Koster

ESPN college football analyst and unabashed Cincinnati Reds fan Kirk Herbstreit achieved an enviable level of nirvana yesterday after getting caught up watching MLB Central on MLB Network. There are few levels of bliss that compare with talking some baseball at 11 o'clock on any given weekday and we should all be jumping at any opportunity to either do it ourselves or enjoy others doing it.

Some smart producer or talent over at the show noticed this and quickly secured a guest appearance from Herbstreit this morning in which he got to plug his new series, QB21 with Kirk Herbstreit.

Quick, effective, symbiotic turnaround which culminated in an above-average segment. Just some people sitting around talking ball -- both foot and base. Can't beat it.

This type of cross-pollination is interesting and spices things up a bit. Would love to see more of it as it rises all boats. Herbstreit has an innate ability to be authentically engaged and approachable while leading a broadcast or coming along for a ride and it never gets old finding him carve out the exact-sized lane he should be driving comfortably.