Kirk Herbstreit Sheds Tears on 'College GameDay' Discussing Social Injustice in America

Liam McKeone
Kirk Herbstreit
Kirk Herbstreit /

The first College GameDay of the year came on Saturday. The crew had a lot to address; Lee Corso expressed his belief that college football shouldn't be played until Spring 2021, quite a declaration to come on a college football pregame show.

They then addressed the issues of social injustice and racism in the country that have demanded America's attention in the months since we last saw college football on TV. In a very emotional segment, Kirk Herbstreit started to cry when he talked about the injustice the Black community faces in this country and how frustrating it was that there are still people out there who refuse to acknowledge the problems that are deeply embedded in every part of our lives.

This is really something to see. Herbstreit's pain is evident, and the importance of addressing this issue on every national stage is impossible to overstate.

Watch. Listen. Work for change. That's what we have to do, and we cannot relent. Herbstreit reminded us all of that.