Kirk Cousins Throws Hilariously Bad Interception Against the Bills

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

The Minnesota Vikings are currently being slapped around by the Buffalo Bills, and their quarterback is a big reason why. Kirk Cousins has struggled on Sunday, and that was never clearer than on a horrific interception he threw early in the third quarter.

With the Vikings down 24-10 and 12:30 left in the third quarter, Cousins dropped back and threw the ball directly to Bills cornerback Dane Jackson. None of his teammates were even in the same area code as the pass.

Check it out:

That's as bad an INT as you'll see all season. I'm gonna be honest, that throw makes it look like Cousins put a ton of money on the Bills to cover -6.5.

This second angle doesn't make it look any better:

That was Cousins' second interception of the day. He's having a rough one after leading the Vikings to a 7-1 record. Until today, they looked like one of the NFL's best teams. This performance in Buffalo is making us question that assessment.