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Kirby Smart Halftime Speech vs. Florida Leaked, Features Lots of Passionate Cursing

Liam McKeone
Kirby Smart
Kirby Smart / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Georgia Bulldogs have been the top team in college football all season by a wide margin and seem set to finish the season undefeated with merely two unranked opponents remaining on the schedule. Kirby Smart deserves praise for the frightful defensive unit he's helped put together this year for the Bulldogs, but there is still quite a bit of football left and the team's schedule hasn't been terribly challenging. If all goes as planned, Georgia will almost certainly have to face old foe Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, the final litmus test to prove to the college football world that they should be in the conversation as one of the more dominant college football teams in recent memory.

We the people got a peek into what makes Georgia click last night when audio leaked of Smart's halftime speech to his team during their utter beatdown of Florida on Halloween Weekend. Embedded below, the speech is quite NSFW, but it definitely makes you understand why Smart's players will go to war for him.

Considering the Bulldogs were up 24-0 at halftime of that game, it does make one wonder what Smart says when the game is close or if Georgia is losing. This is what he sounds like when things are going well!

Boosters are going to love this and probably play it on repeat until the anticipated Alabama showdown later this year. There may be some pearl-clutching about Smart's use of language, but as long as Georgia keeps winning like this, he can give whatever kind of speech he wants at halftime.