Kirby Smart Chews Out Player, Caught Dropping 'F-Bomb' During Sugar Bowl

Ryan Phillips
Kirby Smart coaches Georgia in the Sugar Bowl
Kirby Smart coaches Georgia in the Sugar Bowl / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Kirby Smart was not in the best mood Wednesday night. Smart's Georgia Bulldogs were beating the Baylor Bears 26-14 at the Sugar Bowl Wednesday night and everything seemed to be going well. Then he was caught chewing out a player and dropping an "f-bomb" as the broadcast went to commercial.

It's hard to make out much of what Smart is saying, but a few very NSFW words did cut through the noise. Check it out, but you've been warned:

That's not Smart's best moment and the fact that he got caught on a microphone doesn't look great. Some people will love this while others will complain that he's berating one of his players.

Smart is a really good coach who got his team to a 12-win season with the victory over Baylor.