Kings-Nuggets Descends into Pure Chaos, So Too Does This Post

Kyle Koster
Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The Denver Nuggets and Sacramento Kings combined all their weird forces to create an avant garde masterpiece and self-proclaimed This League-ist game of the season last night. Denver was leading by two points with the ball and a dozen seconds remaining the NBA-mandated overtime period. Will Barton received a nice inbound pass and had a bunny to salt things away.

But De'Aron Fox was there to answer Ylvis' question about what that type of creature says by yelling "get that out of my house" while blocking the shot at the rim. Harrison Barnes converted a game-tying layup on the other end with 6.5 seconds, setting up a situation where once again a popular meme was asking the Nuggets to hold for the final shot and potentially win the season opener.

The Kings were not done bearing gifts. Barnes stripped Nikola Jokic and headed westward, traversing so far he got to point-blank range, only to be blocked by a hard-charging Barton (remember him from earlier in the story). Buddy Hield, like a helpful elf, was in the right spot to save Christmas by tipping the ball into the rim stocking as the final buzzer sounded, signifying another angelic sideline official getting his wings.

Things would have gone differently if even one of the players who saw action had never been born. Which is a truism people don't think about enough. Should they though?