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Kim Mulkey Opened Her First LSU Press Conference By Defiantly Throwing Away Her Mask

Stephen Douglas
Kim Mulkay throwing away her mask.
Kim Mulkay throwing away her mask. /

Kim Mulkey had her introductory press conference on Monday. She began her tenure as the face of the LSU Tigers women's basketball team by fidgeting with her mask and then throwing it to the side. Not because it was bothering her or becaquse the microphone couldn't pick up what she was saying, but to make a point about how little she thinks about wearing masks. And the crowd in attendance cheered.

"I'm going to take this damn mask off because I've got a lot to say."

You know what? She probably didn't need to wear a mask up there alone on the podium. She could have just taken the mask off, but she had to make a show of it. I'd call this childish behavior, but my three-year old can go through a store and keep his mask on for 20 straight minutes and he plays with it less than Mulkey and these oppressed anti-mask people do in thirty seconds. It's pathetic.

More than 10,000 people have died in Lousiana from COVID-19. She previously coached Baylor, which is in Texas where 50,000 people have died from COVID-19.