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Kim Kardashian Booed at Rams Game, But Definitely Not Mercilessly

Kyle Koster
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Kim Kardashian and family were among the decidedly pro-Dallas Cowboys crowd at SoFi Stadium on Sunday because that's what the Rams envisioned in moving to Los Angeles. Her presence was not particularly appreciated by the rest of the football fans in attendance as the reality star was showered with prolonged boos upon being shown on the scoreboard. Not everyone can be as popular as John Legend or some dude named Steve. Pandering to the masses with a blown kiss did nothing to stop the jeering and, at that point, you simply have to wear it.

Human beings at sporting events make odd choices en masse. Most of them probably have, at worst, a neutral opinion of Kardashian and would be thrilled to meet her in person if she were forced to share an elevator with the plebes. It's entirely likely there was some crossover between the boo birds and those who missed key third-down plans just to take pictures of her with her kids.

I don't have much to add here except that people should be nicer and I am glad I wasn't there.