Kim Jong Un Looking Good According to Multiple News Outlets

Stephen Douglas
Bloomberg /

North Korea held a parade on Thursday for military dogs and virus workers, but no one is talking about them today because Kim Jong Un stole the show, according to CBS News. Kim Jong Un was "thinner" and "more energetic" according to the headline that Kim's PR people must have been pretty happy to see in print. Via CBS News:

"He smiled widely, waved to the crowd and kissed children who presented him with flowers before taking his spot on a balcony to observe the parade. He laughed vigorously and applauded the marchers throughout the event, while holding animated chats with senior officials."

Amazingly, CBS News is not the only outlet to pick up on this story as Bloomberg tweeted a video showing Kim Jong Un at the parade with a link to a story with a headline that noted he was "Trim, Tanned and Loving a Parade."

And wouldn't you know it, FOX News was singing Kim Jong Un's praises on Thursday night in primetime with Rachel Campos Duffy saying he "looks good."

Kim Jong Un appears to be having a moment in Western Media.