Kim Jones Jumps Into Pool During Live Super Bowl Pregame Show

Kim Jones.
Kim Jones. / Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Kim Jones gave the Super Bowl pregame show on the NFL Network a nice jolt today when she jumped into a pool behind her as she reported live from Tampa Bay ahead of the Buccaneers' game against the Chiefs. It was her last segment on the NFL Network for the 2020 season and she went out with a bang, pencil diving into the water in full on-air attire.

While Jones didn't quite get into the cannonball form she touted, her effort was nevertheless appreciated. Not just by me, but by many NFL reporters.

Jones is well known around the media dating back to her coverage of the Yankees as a clubhouse reporter. But when you do something this bold ahead of the biggest game of the year, your profile is sure to grow.

As she said, no risk it, no biscuit. This risk was certainly worth the reward.